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Pike County Fair
4.1 Limited Prostock {csv}Place,Driver,Vehicle Name,Distance 1st Place,Dave Novak,The Mean Farmer,321.08 2nd Place,Joe Morinondo,No Green No Glory,318.00 3rd Place,Taylor VanBeek,Extreme Pleasure,316.02 4th Place,Jay Shafer,Red Storm,313.03 5th Place,Tony Wortmann,Tapped Out,312.07 6th Place,Mark Klott,Red Fever II,311.10 7th Place,Tony Wortmann,Red Edge,307.08 8th Place,Leon Hellebusch,No Mercy,305.00 9th Place,Craig Janke,Movin On,301.08 10th Place,Jerry Ketsenburg,Instigater,300.11 11th Place,Roger Liermann,Running On Red,300.05 {/csv} Modified 4WD {csv}Place,Driver,Vehicle Name,Distance 1st Place,Ryan Gooden,Hot Shot,330.11 2nd Place,Dustin Ridder,Stroker,325.07 3rd Place,Joe Claypoole,Risky Business,324.01 4th Place,Steve Bringer,Playing 4 Keeps,323.05 5th Place,Joe Merklin,Bound 4 Glory,321.10 6th Place,Jeff Theissen,Gun Smoke,320.11 7th Place,Bobby Crawford,True Grit,312.04 8th Place,John Ulhorn,Mr. Corrupter II,311.11 {/csv} 6000lb Extreme Super Stock {csv}Place,Driver,Vehicle Name,Distance 1st Place,Gary Warren,8 Second Ride,311.03 2nd Place,Steve Wiewel,Thunder Rolls,305.07 3rd Place,Dean Carroll,Levee Leaper,304.06 4th Place,Chuck Lea,Rawhide,301.09 5th Place,Justin Edwards,Fire Water,289.05 6th Place,Steve Johnson,Sweet Dreams,279.05 {/csv} 8500lb Limited Prostock {csv}Place,Driver,Vehicle Name,Distance 1st Place,Bryan Gerling,Family Tradition,309.00 2nd Place,Allen Scheer,Missouri Mule,308.05 3rd Place,Jack Brinker,New Holland 8670,305.06 4th Place,Brandon Trinklein,466 Extreme,305.00 5th Place,Josh Adrian,Thumper,303.08 6th Place,Jay Shafer,Second Time Around,302.09 7th Place,Henry Frueh,Sleepy Binder,302.02 8th Place,Brandon Mayer,Time Wasted,300.10 9th Place,Jay Buckman,Burnin Green,299.03 {/csv} 6400lb Limited Prostock {csv}Place,Driver,Vehicle Name,Distance 1st Place,Tim Wieberg,Poor Boys Dream,306.08 2nd Place,Ben Klott,New Generation Harvester,301.0275 3rd Place,Greg Braun,Capital Expense,301.02 4th Place,Darren Horstmeier,Red Strokes,296.00 5th Place,Gary Horstmeier,Harvester Hustler,291.01 6th Place,Mark Kassebaum,Bambi,288.11 7th Place,Steve Johnson,Sweet Dreams,283.11 {/csv}  
Event Information
Bowling Green, Missouri
From : Thursday, 26 July 2012 07:00 PM
Until : Thursday, 26 July 2012 11:00 PM
Seats available:
Unlimited seats
Event Creator:
4.1 Limited Pro Tractor
8500lb Limited Pro Stock Tractor
6400lb Limited Pro Stock Tractor
6000lb Extreme Super Stock Tractor
Modified 4wd Truck

Event Details

4.1 Limited Prostock tractor class is Co-Sanctioned with Outlaws - Full purse

6000lb Extreme Super Stock is Co-Sanctioned with Outlaws - State hook purse

Modified 4WD truck, 8500lb and 6400lb Limited Prostock tractor classes all have a raised purse